Saturday, March 2, 2024

Information are junk — The Goat Farm

As luck would have it. I’ve discovered myself in a couple of discussions concerning the media just lately. Some had been concerning the media enterprise, others about what makes good radio content material and others about what folks pays to look at, learn and hearken to.


One thought saved effervescent to the highest. Information are junk.


You will get details wherever. Google offers them away without cost. Wikipedia does too (keep in mind your mother and father paying 1000’s for outdated encyclopaedias?).


The very last thing I’m going to pay for, then, as a listener, reader or watcher are details. Even when a media platform delivers them first, would I pay for a 30-second scoop on the competitors (except maybe I used to be one thing horrific like a day dealer)? Nope, nope and nope.


So what does that depart? That is the excellent news. It leaves what each single considered one of us – everybody with a voice, a keyboard, a digital camera – has.


An opinion. A standpoint. Insights. Evaluation. A life story nobody else has.


I’ll watch that, hearken to that and browse that. Hell, I’d even pay for it.





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